First Day – Friday the 13th

I knew when booking the trip I had planned a sail for Friday the 13th but I’m not very superstitious so figure it would probably be ok…

Well the day started out raining!?  In LA , in the summer.  I wasn’t expecting it to rain again until December. It was down to a sprinkle while we loaded the boat and didn’t actually rain while we were on the water.

Then while loading a glass jar broke in one of the bags and deeply sliced my daughters foot. She was dripping blood all over the deck.  Luckily though it was a clean cut and while it bled a lot once it stopped bleeding it didn’t bother her much.

The sail over was cold and cloudy the whole way over, finally clearing up and warming up when we pulled into Avalon harbor at about 3:30.  We picked up a great mooring.   The kids fished and swam and we had a great afternoon followed by a hearty dinner.

First night sleeping on the boat!!  I’m so tired the gentle rocking is exactly what I want to lull me to sleep.